Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Criminal Justice Club Hosts Guest Speakers

Nicolle Valentine and Tim Batdorf
On Thursday, October 20th, the Criminal Justice Club hosted 2 speakers.  Nicolle Valentine and Tim Batdorf, both from ThreeC Counseling, spoke regarding bridging the gap between criminal justice and psychology.

Tim, owner of ThreeC Counseling in Mansfield, Ohio, bridges the gap through his methods of drug and alcohol counseling.  They follow a stricter approach of counseling which holds their clients accountable for their actions.  In order to do this, ThreeC counseling must maintain relations with various probation officers, parole officers, judges, and other criminal justice professionals.  This link between the counselors and the criminal justice professionals helps aid in an individual's recovery and helps them stay in line with their legal responsibilities.    

Dr. Marc Hedrick, Professor of Criminal Justice, shared his insights to the benefits of hearing from these guest speakers:
If you are a criminal justice major and not sure what you want to do with your degree, drug and alcohol counseling in relation to the criminal justice system might be an area you want to explore.  For this type of counseling you do not need a psychology degree, but you do have to get trained and certified.  
In fact, several students are doing field experience with ThreeC Counseling and even considering getting their certification.  This may be an option for some of you, as well.  

Thank you, Tim and Nicolle, for sharing your time and insights with the club!

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