Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Criminal Justice Students Hear From Alternative Career Path Speakers

Dr. Reusuling (left) and Janelle Renwick (right).
On Friday, October 28th, the Criminal Justice Club, as well as students in Dr. Hedrick's Victimology class, heard from two guest speakers regarding alternative career paths in the Criminal Justice field.

The first was Janelle Renwick, who works for Turning Point, a domestic violence shelter in Marion, Ohio.  She spoke to the students about her experience as a corrections officer and how she ultimately found herself evaluating where she wanted to go in her career, and now has a job she loves working in a domestic violence shelter.

The second speaker was Dr. Reusuling from the Ashland Seminary, who spoke to the students about their graduate Master of Arts counseling program.  Dr. Reusuling highlighted the connection between criminal justice and counseling, and how the students could find themselves working with the same client population, (for example, people with substance abuse issues or sex offenders).

This gave students the opportunity to hear about nontraditional options in the Criminal Justice field, while also seeing their course material come to life.

We'd like to thank Dr. Reusuling and Ms. Renwick, for sharing their time and insights with the students!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ashland Police Detective Visits Criminal Law Class

Detective Kim Mager
On Thursday, October 27th, students in CJ 362: Criminal Law, heard from Ashland Police Detective Kim Mager.

Detective Mager, who is an Ashland University alumna, has been with the Ashland Police Division for 19 years, and specializes in the investigative bureau's sex offense cases.  She spoke to the class regarding investigations and interrogations.

We spoke to two students in Dr. Rogers' Criminal Law class about the impact Detective Mager's presentation had on them.

Anthony Nicholson, a senior criminal justice minor, had to say this:
Detective Mager's dedication to her craft and the processes entailed are interesting to me. It was also very interesting to get to learn the ins and outs of being a detective.  I was surprised by just how many cases she has been involved in, and all the work she has put into them to make sure they close properly.
 It was valuable learning that with time, effort, and determination one would be able to succeed in any of their career fields, be it law enforcement or otherwise.  

Luke Smith, a junior criminal justice major, who plans on pursuing law enforcement, also shared his thoughts.
I found how she deals with victims and potential offenders the most interesting.  It was cool when she told us about some of her cases and I found it surprising how good she is and how much she wrote during her reports.
I took away learning about a job I didn't know much about.  She has very interesting stories.   

Thank you, Detective Mager, for sharing your time and knowledge with the class!