Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Retired Secret Service Agent Speaks to Ashland University Students

Stephanie Yoha, a retired Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, spoke to students about non-traditional routes for Criminal Justice as well as what her job was like working for the Secret Service. Yoha discussed how, before being a Secret Service Agent, she was a probation officer. She talked about how students need to focus on gaining that outside experience if they wish to work at the federal level.
Yoha talked about how her work as a probation officer helped her immensely with her transition into the Secret Service, and how that experience is essential to even be considered during the hiring process.

Stephanie talked about the various aspects of the hiring process, and how extensive and time consuming it is, noting that, in order to pursue this field of work, one needs to have
patience. It took Stephanie 2 years to finish the application process, and then after getting hired, she began training for several months. While this process can be very tedious, she said the job was very rewarding.

Stephanie talked about the various opportunities presented to her through her work, such as being able to travel the world and being able to meet so many people, including some of the presidents. She also discussed some of the drawbacks to the job, such as not being able to be with family, or have a social life. However, she said she was very grateful for all the experiences she had during her years with the Secret Service, and that she has no regrets.

Stephanie impressed upon the students that one cannot expect anything without working for it. Students need to focus on gaining outside experiences (both volunteer work and professional), maintaining good reputations (especially on social media), and continuing to succeed academically. Rewards come with time. The Criminal Justice Department would like to thank Stephanie Yoha for coming to speak, and we hope that you will consider coming to speak again in the future.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sgt. of Columbus Sexual Assault Unit visits AU

Sgt. Pelphrey, of the Sexual Assault Unit at the Columbus Police Department, spoke to students about the Special Victims Bureau Columbus PD has. He discussed the various different units that are a part of this bureau and what each of their roles are in investigations. The Sexual Assault unit was described in a more thorough manner. Sgt. Pelphrey discussed that the Columbus PD has two separate Sexual Assault Units, one for adult offenders, and one for juveniles. He also described the investigative process and the differences between the adult and juvenile investigative techniques. Sgt. Pelphrey concluded his presentation by discussing the various different employment and internship opportunities the Columbus PD offers, and discussed what qualities they are looking for when recruiting.

The Criminal Justice Department would like to give a special thanks to Sergeant, David Pelphrey for coming in to speak.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Criminal Justice Student Success Stories

Aimee Linville graduated in May 2017, with a degree in Criminal Justice. She transferred from a state university, finding that Ashland University gave her a lot more individual focus. Aimee proved herself academically strong. She was an Ashbrook scholar, who successfully defended her thesis on “Serial Offenders.”

Aimee took the LSAT and received numerous scholarship offers, from several schools. In the end, she chose to go to Case Western to pursue her Juris Doctorate, with plans to focus on corporate law.

McKensey Cross graduated in May 2017, with a degree in Criminal Justice. She transferred to Ashland University from another college. Mckensey did field experience at the Abraxas Youth and Family Services’ facility, in Shelby, Ohio. Abraxas specializes in counseling youth between the ages of 12 and 18 with mental health, substance abuse, behavioral disorders and sexual offending behaviors. After walking across the stage to receive her diploma, McKensey was able to start working at Abraxas.

Danielle Musgrove graduated from Ashland University, in May 2017, with a major in Criminal Justice. She did field experience with the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force and later with the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office. Due to her field experience with the Prosecutor’s Office, she got a job, just prior to graduation, working in a law office, in Mansfield, Ohio, as a paralegal.

Sabrina Long graduated from Ashland University, in May 2017. She did field experience with the Cedar Point Police Department. Immediately after graduation, she started working as a Corrections Officer, at the North Central Correctional Complex, in Marion, Ohio.

Dan Mevetz graduated in May 2017 with a degree in Criminal Justice. He had a job lined up upon graduation, as an insurance adjustor, with Homesite Insurance. He investigates house damage caused by a number of things, such as storms and theft.

Makayla Arnold graduated in May 2017 with a degree in Forensic Chemistry and a minor in Criminal Justice. She works at Charles River Laboratories, in Ashland as a Research Assistant, in the Analytical Department.

Tarin Cook, graduated from Ashland University, in May 2016, with majors in Criminal Justice and Family & Child Studies. She was hired the week of graduation! She is currently working at the oldest mental and behavior health agency in Cincinnati, as a qualified mental health specialist. Her official title is as an outpatient behavior and mental health case manager for St. Joseph Orphanage. She works with services such as juvenile probation, developmental disability services, wraparound services, and more. She was recognized as an "outpatient superstar" and was most recently nominated for a yearlong leadership program for supervisory positions.

Melissa Smith graduated, in December 2015, with majors in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She is currently a second year law school student, at Cleveland State University. She made the Dean's List in the spring semester and is currently working as a law clerk with the City of Euclid, in the Prosecutor's Office.

Auston Smith played football at Ashland University, and graduated in December 2015, with a degree in Criminal Justice. Just days after graduation, he was hired as a Juvenile Probation Officer, for the Montgomery County Juvenile Court. He is also pursuing a master’s degree, in Criminal Justice.

James “J.T.” Venus graduated from Ashland University, May 2015, with a degree in Criminal Justice. He was hired by the Middleburg Heights Police Department as a patrolman that same month.

Jonathan Heart graduated from Ashland University, in 2015. He works at U.S. Bank, as an Anti-Money Laundering Investigator, in Columbus.

Galsaira Ortiz graduated from Ashland University with a degree in Criminal Justice, in 2015. She currently works for Sterling Talent Solutions, located in Independence Ohio. She works in the dispute resolution team. In that position, she runs backgrounds, and if there is something incorrect or updated on a report, clients call and she investigates and makes amendments to the reports.

Alexandra Restelli graduated from Ashland University in 2015. She is currently pursuing a masters in social work and a PhD at The Ohio State University. In line with her criminal justice background, she is pursing this degree for offender rehabilitation to work with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. She is currently in their field placement, as a regional director for the southeast prisons in Ohio.

Don Leffler is a 2016, Ashland University Online graduate. He is currently the Detention Administrator, for The Marion County Juvenile Detention Center, in Marion, Ohio. He was promoted, due to the degree he received through the Online Criminal Justice Program. He says he “can't thank Ashland enough” for their online program.

Jacob Morris is a 2016, Ashland University Online graduate. He is currently serving as a detective with the Lorain Police Department in Lorain, Ohio. He takes great pride in being an Ashland alumni. In addition to his detective duties, he has been asked to lead the department's Community Police Academy. The Chief of Police wanted someone with a formal education to take over this very important duty. Detective Morris said, “… this is a major responsibility which shows that higher education in the CJ world is certainly worth pursuing!” Additionally, he’s in the process of completing a Master's of Science in Criminal Justice. Upon completion (August, 2017), he plans to seek part time employment as an adjunct criminal justice professor.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Attorney Rolf Whitney visits Criminal Justice Class

Attorney Rolf Whitney visits Criminal Justice Class

In conjunction with their chapter study on Defense Attorneys, CJ-235 welcomed to the classroom guest speaker Attorney Rolf Whitney on March 28, 2017. Attorney Whitney, who practices criminal defense law in multiple jurisdictions, spoke to the class about the broad range of cases he handles, ranging from traffic cases to death penalty cases. Mr. Whitney discussed how defense attorneys become engaged in cases: by being retained, appointed by the court or through a public defender's office. He also spoke about the multifaceted functions of a defense lawyer in a case. The class heard, from someone with personal experience in the matter, about the ethical dilemma faced by defense lawyers who represent a death-row "volunteer" and how Attorney Whitney chose to handle a client he represented who had assumed that stance. Additionally, Mr. Whitney discussed his educational background and suggestions for those interested in law school.

Thanks to Attorney Whitney for giving his time to Ashland University criminal justice students!

Monday, April 3, 2017

K-9 Unit visits Ashland Campus

K-9 Unit Speaks to Criminal Justice Club

On March 17th, Ashland Police Department Officer Craig Kiley, along with one of his canines, spoke at a Criminal Justice Club event.

Officer Kiley spoke to students regarding the various uses of the K-9 unit and also discussed training techniques. He was able to show the club footage of several real-life training events involving the canines as well as some footage of one of the canines tracking a criminal.

Thank you, Officer Kiley, for taking time to come speak.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Judges Speak to AU Students

On February 2, 2017, CJ 235 (Courts and Justice) had the privilege of a visit from Ashland County's three duly elected judges: Honorable John Good, Honorable Damian Vercillo and Honorable Ronald Forsthoefel.

 Judge Good presides over Ashland Municipal Court, Judge Vercillo over probate/juvenile Court as a Common Pleas Court, General Division Judge and Judge Forsthoefel over criminal, civil and domestic Court as a Common Pleas Court, General Division Judge.

The Judges discussed with students their professional backgrounds and how their legal paths contributed to their elections as Judges. Among the topics discussed by the Jurists were their respective caseloads, the different types of cases that each court handles, budgetary concerns and evolving legal trends they have witnessed transpiring as members of the judiciary. The Courts answered student questions during class and remained after class to speak informally with students who remained to introduce themselves.

Thank you, Judge Good, Judge Vercillo and Judge Forsthoefel, for taking the time from your busy schedules to speak to Ashland University criminal justice students.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Criminal Justice Club kickoff

Ashland University Criminal Justice Club

January 2017

Welcome back!

To kick off the semester, the Criminal Justice club will be getting more organized. If you are interested in joining please contact either Amanda Case or Marc Hedrick for a form.
We are hoping this will bring together those individuals whom are genuinely interested in becoming a part of the club.
 “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” –Malcolm X

Upcoming events

As spring semester progresses we have a couple events we would like you to keep in mind:
·       K-9 Unit Visit
·       Heroin 5k Walk
·       Safe Haven speaker
·       Detective speaker

Have a suggestion about a speaker or an event?

Contact one of the following people:

Amanda Case


Marc Hedrick