Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ashland Detective Kim Mager Visits Criminal Law Class

Detective Kim Mager
This post is one of several which cover professional speakers the Criminal Justice Program brings into the classroom, allowing students to learn from and connect with experts who currently work in a variety of areas in the criminal justice field. Check out our recap post for a list of speakers the CJ Program hosted during the fall 2015 semester.

Last week, Ashland Police Detective Kim Mager spoke to the CJ 362: Criminal Law class about investigations and interrogations.  Detective Mager has been with the Ashland Police Department for 18 years and is an Ashland University alumna.

Junior criminal justice major Morgan Scarberry, who plans to become a State Trooper after graduation, had this to say about Detective Mager's presentation:

"I certainly think our entire class, regardless of our career plans in the CJ system, can not only benefit from Detective Mager’s experience, but the passion and determination she demonstrates in her career.  I personally found Det. Mager’s ability to read people the most interesting.  She emphasized the need in interrogation to evaluate each offender and adapt accordingly in order to achieve a confession. 
She also spoke of her experience with investigation, explaining that there will almost never be the stereotypical victim or a clear indication that criminal wrong is occurring, but regardless of the circumstances, an offender’s rights should never be violated.  This helps to ensure you never sacrifice the case. 
I found it surprising that Det. Mager also does the voice analysis for potential new hires.  She reminded our class that departments are not looking for perfect people, rather just decent and honest candidates.  And as someone who is personally looking into a career in law enforcement, this is very valuable information to carry with me throughout my future application processes."
Thank you, Detective Mager, for sharing your time and insights with the class!    

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