Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CJ Student Internship: Spotlight on Kelsey Garrabrant

Criminal Justice Senior Kelsey Garrabrant interned with the Ashland County Juvenile Probation Department and Court in Ashland, Ohio. This organization has several different types of careers available, such as attorneys, probation officers, and social workers.  Additionally, it handles all juvenile cases for Ashland County.

What were your job duties at your internship? What kinds of activities were you involved in?
My duties included filing the records of old cases or pulling those that were coming up that week. I was present for all the hearings and trials and was able to learn more of the judicial system this way. One of my favorite duties was spending the day with the probation officers. I would accompany them on home visits for several of their juveniles and would be a witness to any probation violations.

How did Ashland’s Criminal Justice Program prepare you to meet the challenges of your internship?
The Ashland Criminal Justice program really helped prepare me simply through education. With the classes I took, I became more knowledgeable about terms that were used through courts and professional terms used within the court and by attorneys and judges. I was able to comprehend all that went on during trials and hearings without being stuck on what a certain motion or word meant. I was especially prepared for the probation department through my Intro to Corrections class with Dr. Spelman. He covered the duties of probation officers throughout the course and I was actually able to aid in some of those duties throughout the summer without explanation by the officers.

What experience(s) did you find most helpful or valuable during your internship? How do you think your internship will impact your chosen career path?
I really believe that my interaction with the court system and department helped me tremendously. Being able to sit in on hearings and trials of all types helped to advance my knowledge in the court system. Along with that, being hands-on with the probation department helped me to actually experience the day-to-day life of a probation officer. This internship helped me tremendously by not only supplying new knowledge on various career options for me, such as an attorney or probation officer, but solidifying my choice to choose a career path in the criminal justice field. 

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