Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CJ Student Internship: Spotlight on Joseph Szymanski

Criminal Justice Freshman Joseph Szymanski interned with the Ashland County Sherriff’s Office in Ashland, Ohio in April and May of 2014.  The Sherriff’s Department provides quality law enforcement to all residents of Ashland County.

What were your job duties at your internship?  What kinds of activities were you involved in?
I completed day to day tasks with Deputies and Correction Officers, including booking inmates, checking for drugs and other contraband in cell blocks, as well as conducting building and security checks.  I was also involved with the Enforcement Road Division.  Through this Division, I investigated civilians with warrants and transferred inmates to various locations, including the court house, hospitals or other institutions (jails).

How did Ashland's Criminal Justice Program prepare you to meet the challenges of your internship?
I was a freshman at the time and had only taken a few criminal justice classes, but my professors taught from actual field experience which helped prepare me above and beyond what I expected. This internship was successful for me because I was put into hands-on situations.  I learned something exciting every day and each day was different.

What experience(s) did you find most helpful or valuable during your internship? How do you think your internship will impact your chosen career path?
My internship was hands-on and each day was exciting, different and dramatic and it made what I am learning more interesting.  This internship made me feel I was a part of a team and it allowed me to help society and the community by enforcing laws.  It is certain to me that I want to work in the field instead of sitting behind a desk all day. This is my dream and I am thankful that Ashland University’s Criminal Justice Program has let me do this.


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