Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Attorney Rolf Whitney visits Criminal Justice Class

Attorney Rolf Whitney visits Criminal Justice Class

In conjunction with their chapter study on Defense Attorneys, CJ-235 welcomed to the classroom guest speaker Attorney Rolf Whitney on March 28, 2017. Attorney Whitney, who practices criminal defense law in multiple jurisdictions, spoke to the class about the broad range of cases he handles, ranging from traffic cases to death penalty cases. Mr. Whitney discussed how defense attorneys become engaged in cases: by being retained, appointed by the court or through a public defender's office. He also spoke about the multifaceted functions of a defense lawyer in a case. The class heard, from someone with personal experience in the matter, about the ethical dilemma faced by defense lawyers who represent a death-row "volunteer" and how Attorney Whitney chose to handle a client he represented who had assumed that stance. Additionally, Mr. Whitney discussed his educational background and suggestions for those interested in law school.

Thanks to Attorney Whitney for giving his time to Ashland University criminal justice students!

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