Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Criminal Procedure Students Learn from Judge Vercillo

Last Thursday, Judge Vercillo visited the Criminal Procedure class to speak to students in the course.

During his visit, Judge Vercillo discussed the progression of his legal career from defense attorney to Judge. The Judge also explained the procedures in juvenile court, including sentencing (disposition), which the class had been studying, so it was a great experience for them to hear directly from someone involved in those procedures. It gave everyone a better idea of what actually occurs in courtrooms. 

Judge Vercillo explained the different terminology used in juvenile court as opposed to adult court. For example, a sentencing hearing is called a disposition in juvenile court.

He also spoke about the goals he has when determining what sentence to impose upon a juvenile delinquent, explaining that the juvenile system tries to rehabilitate, as well as punish, the kids in order to provide the best possible situation for their future.

The class enjoyed hearing from the Judge and learning all about the juvenile court system!

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