Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CJ Students Tour Ashland County Jail Facility

Criminal Justice students enrolled in CJ 366 (Criminal Procedure) had the opportunity to take a field trip to the Ashland County Jail.  On Tuesday, students received a tour of the Jail’s various facilities, including the kitchen, prison worker dormitories, outdoor areas, actual jail pods (also known as cell blocks), the center control area and the isolation cells.   

In addition to the tour given by a deputy, Ashland County Sheriff Wayne Risner also spoke to the class during the course of the tour.

From the inmate classification system, which determines what section of the jail inmates are housed in, to the unique, glass-wall design of Ashland County’s jail, the students gained insight into how a jail functions.

Ashland County’s facility is unique in that the walls are mainly made of glass rather than the bars found in most jails.  This allows the jail to operate with minimal workers by increasing visibility, which allows workers to better monitor situations and maintain safe conditions than traditional bars do.

“We got to experience a hands-on learning situation while putting what we know about criminal procedure [from class] into real life.”  - Melissa Smith, Junior Criminal Justice and Psychology Major

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